GET /properties

Used to list properties set for a survey.

URL parameters

Parameter Required Requirement Description
type No S or N or D or B or SS or NS An optional filter to list specific kind of properties - S(string), N(number), D(date), B(boolean), SS(string set), NS(number set).


GET /properties
HTTP 1/1.1 200
  "request_id": "18e79cec-ea78-4596-b5fb-135af8024f8a",
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "response": {
    "properties_count": 10,
    "data": [
        "$email": "S",
        "$transaction_id": "S",
        "$transaction_amount": "N",
        "$transaction_currency": "S",
        "$transaction_date": "D",
        "city": "S",
        "first_time_customer": "B",
        "order_delivery_date": "D",
        "order_item_prices": "N",
        "order_item_skus": "S"