I am Ranjith, founder of Boolean. I built Boolean with a mission to help businesses be customer friendly. The buzzword “customer friendly” is everywhere these days but not many companies are doing it. Most companies don’t understand it’s importance. But there are some companies who understand its importance but are not able to implement it. I built Boolean to help these companies.

These companies tell their employees to be customer friendly. The employees themselves want to be customer friendly but somehow their actions convey the opposite message. It manifests in all aspects of customer interaction - product, marketing, service. I think it happens because these companies struggle to teach “customer friendly” behavior to their employees. They try teaching it through various internal manuals like “chat scripts”, “grievance redressal algorithms” etc. But these manuals lack nuance to guide employees in real world situations. The best solution for this problem is to hire people who are naturally empathetic. These people would intuitively know how to be nice to customers. Unfortunately, there is no exact science on finding and hiring such people. So what is the second best solution? I think the second best solution is to write a comprehensive employee manual on “how to be customer friendly”. This manual should be constantly refined and updated so that it is nuanced enough to help employees be customer friendly in real word situations.

Some managers will think that they can single handedly write this manual. I will caution you against doing it. Your focus on customers probably comes from a basic empathy for customers. You cannot write that in a manual.

So what is the best way to write this manual? I think it is by talking to your customers. Ask your customers how they would like to be treated. Don’t look at your analytics dashboard. Don’t hire Tier-1 consulting firms. Don’t conduct a “leadership” retreat. Just talk to your customers. Pick up the phone and talk to a customer. Email a customer. Send a survey.

Boolean is new take on traditional surveys. Traditional surveys don’t do well because they bother customers with too many questions. In Boolean you ask only one question. I encourage you to ask the most basic question e.g. “Are you happy with us?”. Your customer will always have an answer to that question. If he/she says “No” call and ask “What happened?”. Dig into your data and find out what’s unique about this customer’s experience. Hopefully you will find a new aspect of your product/service which contributed to the bad experience. Hopefully you’ll update your manual with this new insight. At some point, after a big enough manual, your company will completely understand the customer's perspective. Then your company has become “customer friendly”.

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